BL-1050E Automatic Die-cutting Machine

BL-1050E Automatic Die-cutting Machine


        1050 die-cutting machine series can handle a variety of substrates, in addition to weight in the 80 ~ 2000g / m cardboard, it can also cut up to 4mm thick corrugated board (EB). Die-cutting pressure of 300 tons,die-cutting accuracy of ≤ ± 0.075, the minimum gap width of 8mm, and do no Goukou processing. After installation of heating function can also be 0.2 ~ 1mmPVC, PPC, PET and other plastic materials for heating die-cutting.






Machine modelBL_1050E/BL_1050S/BL_1050SS
Max sheet size1050X750mm
Min sheet size400X750mm

Max feeder pile height

Max delivery pile height1400mm
Max die cutting size1040X720mm
Die cutting plate size1080X736mm
Inner chase size1140X750mm
Cutting rule height23.8mm或23.6mm
Stock range80~2000g/m2卡纸(paper),厚度≤4mm瓦楞(corrugate).EB
Die cutting accuracy≤ ± 0.075
Min.holding width8mm可做无叼口
Max die cutting speed7500张/小时
Max die cutting force300t
Air requirement排气量0.36m3/min(立方/分钟),排气压力:0.6-0.7Mpa
Overall powerBL_1050EBL_1050S
Power required380V/HZ,三相四线
Net weight approxBL_1050EBL_1050S
Overall dimensionBL_1050EBL_1050S

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