BL-1650S/SS Automatic Die-cutting Machine

BL-1650S/SS Automatic Die-cutting Machine


  1650 die-cutting machine series can handle a variety of substrates, in addition to weight in the 80 ~ 2000g / m cardboard, it can also cut up to 4mm thick corrugated board (EB). Die-cutting pressure of 300 tons, die-cutting accuracy of ≤ ± 0.075, the minimum gap width of 8mm, and do no Goukou processing. After installation of heating function can also be 0.2 ~ 1mmPVC, PPC, PET and other plastic materials for heating die-cutting.  





Machine modelBL_1650SBL_1650SS
Max sheet size1650X1200mm1650X1200mm
Min die cutting range650X500mm650X500mm
Inner chase size1630X1210mm1630X1210mm
Stock rangeE、B、C、A和A+B瓦楞纸板及彩裱瓦愣纸板(厚度1~9mm)E、B、C、A和A+B瓦楞纸板及彩裱瓦愣纸板(厚度1~8mm)
Min.Holding width6-12mm6-12mm
Cutting rule height23.8mm23.8mm
Max die cutting speed5000张/小时5000张/小时
Max die cutting force400t400t
Overall power32KW32.5KW
Power required380V/HZ,三相四线380V/HZ,三相四线
Net weight approx32t32t
Overall dimension11000X5850X255011000X5850X2550

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